Castello Coin: Did You Miss ApeCoin? No Worries, Get $CAST!

Photo credit: Castellocoin.Com

Mainstream adoption of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology is inevitable. In anticipation of this widespread acceptance, many traditional institutions have already experimented with blockchain-based projects. Whether it is major music labels releasing albums via NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens), or collaborations between established creatives and blockchain-based companies, the digital revolution will soon affect all areas of the physical art realm. With the launch of Castello Coin ($CAST), there finally exists a vehicle with the ability to connect both these worlds.

Amongst current NFT collections, The Bored Ape Yacht Club, or BAYC, is one of the most influential NFT communities. After the announcement and release of ApeCoin, the company saw a frenzy of interest and trading due to the association with Bored Apes. But many seeking the chance to ”Ape In” were left with FOMO as they couldn’t do so.

There is still hope for this majority in the form of Castello Coin, the (golden) lining in the clouds of disappointment.

Conceived by an internationally renowned contemporary artist, the initial launch of the $CAST token was marked by the unveiling of the Castello Cube. The pure 24K,999.9 gold sculpture, designed and forged by the eponymous artist, was initially displayed in New York City’s Central Park to much fanfare and trended on social media channels for days after.

By creating high-quality artwork by an already established artist, Castello Coin is blessed with the advantage of having a pre-existing association with the traditional art world. This connection to classical art affords $CAST a level of recognition and trust that few new tokens can dream of. Those more familiar with traditional art now have a point of reference and a trusted guide to help them navigate through the world of digital art once they eventually make that leap into the future.

For those of us that missed out on the ApeCoin frenzy, Castello Coin presents an exciting and relatively under-the-radar alternative that could become one of the savviest investments one could make. The utility of $CAST, combined with its unique placement in the market, has marked the project for success. We could potentially look back at this moment, wondering if the collective FOMO was directed towards the right project.

Castello Coin will also serve as an online means of payment for physical artworks, allowing them to be traded in the same way that NFTs are currently bought and sold on online marketplaces. The verification of valuable, physical art has long proven to be an expensive and arduous process that can be streamlined through tokenization.

Like NFTs, tokenized artworks can be purchased on online marketplaces in the knowledge that their authenticity and ownership can be traced back to their respective blockchain. The placement of physical art in online marketplaces will succeed in breaking down the high barrier of entry faced by less recognized and up-and-coming artists, allowing them to showcase their hard work to a broader audience.

The Castello Coin eases the process of entering the classical art world by making it easier than ever to take part in the buying and selling of prestigious art. Increased demand will also increase the value of real art, further helping artists on both ends of the recognizability spectrum.

The team behind the project has a vision of merging the analog and digital art markets through their token, which will inevitably become the standardized payment method for both physical and digital art. With the utility of the coin proving beneficial to both collectors and artists, as well as the level of recognition already gained from the creation of the Castello Cube, it’s clear that the arrival of this coin spells a considerable step towards the bridging of the gap between the classical and digital art worlds.