Is the Crypto Winter an Opportunity?

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Crypto-skeptics always shout the loudest in turbulent phases as in the last few weeks on the crypto market. Looking more closely, the following picture emerges around the two big cryptocurrencies Bitcoin and Ethereum: In March 2020, Bitcoin had been priced at 3,500 US dollars while one Ethereum had cost 100 US dollars.

During the corona lockdown, cryptocurrencies rose to record heights in 2021, defying the expectations of renowned analysts. At their apex, one Bitcoin had reached 69,000 US dollars and one Ethereum 4,800 US dollars.

Obviously, these increases were too fast and thus were corrected in several phases. Despite inflation worries and the demanding market environment, a great many cryptocurrencies have achieved very high gains compared to 2020. After the selling-off phase of the past 14 days, Bitcoin is now at 21,500 US dollars and Ethereum at 1,250 US dollars. That means a rise of several 100 percent over 2020 prices. A number of reasons have been put forward, such as the increased demand for digitalization.

Instagram, Twitter and eBay Are Introducing NFTs

A very important share of the crypto market is taken up by the NFT market, which is also very important for the Castello Coin. In January, the trade volume on all NFT markets reached 17 billion US dollars. Market observers are currently expecting above average GROWTH in this segment.

Internet giants such as Instagram, Twitter and eBay are making their way into the NFT business. For example, Meta has been testing NFTs on Instagram for a couple of weeks. According to the company, augmented reality procedures are to allow the use of NFTs in Instagram Stories. The integrations are described as part of the Metaverse strategy of the internet firm.

Since January, NFT avatars can be linked on Twitter Blue. Now, the company has announced its partnership with e-commerce service provider Shopify as well as a sales channel app for us traders in the Shopify app store.

eBay doesn’t want to miss out on the NFT business either and has now announced its takeover of the NFT market KnownOrigin.


For the best connection between the traditional world and the digital sphere, a WEB3 application will be released in Q3 2022. This will primarily draw the attention of the crypto sector to Castello since traditional investors but also crypto-specific investors are looking for serious and transparent projects on the important NFT market. The WEB3 development represents a very important step in this process.

REDESIGN Website – Communication Strategy

The first two phases (private presale and public sale) have been successfully completed. To take our project forward and generate trade volume, the website will be significantly revised in the coming six weeks. That way, we are preparing for the WEB3 presence mentioned above and will provide a greater appeal to crypto-specific investors with the new design. The new website will present our story in a simple and easy to understand manner. Communication via all social media channels as well as the website will have a clear and measurable structure. Looking to the outside, the PR campaign about to launch will then reach interested parties both in the traditional but also the crypto-specific area.

A New Face for the Castello Coin

Traditionally, the second half of the year is characterized by a great number of conferences. To ideally position the Castello Coin, we have managed to win over a new face for the public image of our project, especially in the English-speaking world. We will soon announce this person and are certain that this step will lead to a sustained increase and reinforcement of our international network.

Further Cash Inflows for the Crypto Market – New Rules for Crypto Fund Shares

Crypto-friendly signals from Berlin: Since June 18, a new regulation for crypto fund shares (KryptoFAV) (*%5B%40attr_id%3D%27bgbl122s0868.pdf%27%5D__1656169148369) has been in force. German funds may now also issue their shares based on blockchain. “Crypto fund shares are electronic share certificates recorded in a crypto securities register,” according to the brief missive. The law grants more flexibility to issuers because shares in special assets such as securities or bonds may now be provided in full or partly as crypto fund shares. As expected, the crypto sector has been delighted by the legal innovation.

We will keep you up to date and take you with us on our road to the crypto spring.

Your Castello Coin Team