Charlotte de Brabandt Set to Join Castello Coin As Global Senior Advisor

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Scripting a new chapter for the sought after crypto currency

Aug 31, Zug, Switzerland: Internationally experienced manager, Dr. Charlotte de Brabandt is set to join the renowned crypto currency Castello Coin (CAST) as Global Senior Advisor, and take things to the next level.

Dr. de Brabandt, a German-Swiss native, is part of a vast global network that includes leading companies from the automotive (Volkswagen Group, Porsche), pharmaceutical, medical and consumer goods (Johnson & Johnson) sectors.

The acclaimed author and speaker is an expert in areas of supply chain and technology innovation. On the other hand, crypto currency Castello Coin has gained worldwide recognition supported by an international team of consultants and experts.

“Charlotte de Brabandt is an expert on the crypto industry and will increase the rapidly growing global trust in the Castello Coin,” said its representative.

“For me, the Castello Coin is the most interesting upcoming crypto currency. I want to provide guidance, pass on knowledge, and reduce reservations about this, still entirely new form of payment,” Dr. de Brabandt concluded on a strong note.

Never before a digital currency has achieved what the Castello Coin has made possible: the financing of an unique and already legendary work of art: "The Castello CUBE". With this, Niclas Castello created something that no one has ever achieved before and thus will be forever iconic in the history books, both in the real and digital world.

The precious work of art made of 24 carat 999.9 gold is for everyone (to touch). The Castello Cube unites the world in itself, collecting the imprints of visitors and each exhibition site. The golden cube by artist Niclas Castello was exhibited in New York City’s Central Park and at the Venice Biennale. It serves as a bridge between the traditional financial world, art and the new world, led by crypto currencies.

So the Castello CUBE is considered a symbol of what can be achieved through the promotion of the arts, the NFT ecosystem “Castello Forum”!

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Based on the Ethereum blockchain, which has been active since 2015, this crypto currency supported by an international team of consultants including close cooperation by Swiss bank, was developed by DSENT AG known for highest degree of security, transparency, and regulation.

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